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Empowering business success through HR in a flexible & practical way

Our core team of talented independent HR consultants are what enables our clients with the power to grow their business through HR initiatives. 

Are you looking for exciting opportunities to utilize your HR expertise and skills on a project basis?

We are always open to expanding our team of independent consultants with experienced and growth-minded HR professionals.

Fractional HR Consultant

If HR Unlimited Consulting sounds like a fit for you, you can expect........

To work with a team of passionate and welcoming HR professionals


Flexibility to prioritize your love for HR according to your personal schedule by working on a project-basis                              


Project support including administrative support, project management, access to resources, and more                                    


To play an important role in assisting small businesses grow and succeed

If this sounds like you, let's connect....

  • Excel in adaptability: You possess a remarkable capacity to adjust, evolve, and embrace new circumstances with ease and grace. You are skilled in navigating through challenges and uncertainties because you're highly flexible, open-minded, and quick to learn. 

  • Perform to see results: You have a results-oriented mindset that allows you to focus on achieving measurable outcomes and to demonstrate the impact of HR initiatives to an organizations success.

  • Possess business acumen: You operate with the knowledge that business context is vital to aligning HR strategies with overall organizational goals. You have a deep understanding of business operations, financial implications, and market trends to provide relevant and effective HR solutions.

  • Thrive in project-based HR roles: You are an HR subject matter expert and exceed in project management. Making a positive, long-lasting impact in a short amount of time is something you are known for.

Passionate about Human Resources?

Please complete the form & upload your resume to discuss exciting HR project opportunities.


Thank you for your interest!

Let's Connect!

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