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HR Compliance

HR policies and procedures are the backbone of a well-functioning organization. They provide the framework for consistency, fairness, and compliance in all aspects of HR management. From outlining expectations for behavior and performance to establishing guidelines for recruitment, training, and disciplinary action, HR policies and procedures set the tone for your workplace culture. Think of them as the rulebook that ensures everyone plays by the same rules, promoting transparency and accountability. With clear and well-defined policies in place, you can create a work environment where employees feel secure, supported, and empowered to succeed.

Perks of Compliance

Long-Term Cost Savings

Operational Efficiency

Competitive Advantage

Employee Trust and Morale

Long-Term Sustainability

Enhanced Reputation

Compliance Audits

Discover the value of HR compliance audits, where precision meets proactive risk management. Our audits offer a comprehensive assessment of your HR practices, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements. With expert analysis and strategic insights, we empower organizations to navigate compliance complexities with confidence.

Areas of an HR Audit

Harassment Prevention

Termination Practices

Wage Compliance

Hiring Practices

Policies + Procedures

Discrimination Prevention

Work from home

California HR Compliance

Golden Gate Bridge

Navigating the intricate web of California HR compliance requires a deep understanding of the state's unique labor laws and regulations. With one of the most complex regulatory landscapes in the country, California presents distinct challenges and opportunities for businesses operating within its borders. From wage and hour laws to discrimination and harassment regulations, staying compliant with California HR requirements is essential to avoid legal pitfalls and protect both employees and employers.


With expertise in California labor laws and a commitment to staying informed of legislative updates, we empower organizations to navigate the complexities of HR compliance with confidence and ease.

Areas of a Golden State HR Audit

Conflict Resolution

Workplace Investigations


Employee Misconduct

Sexual Harassment Allegations


Discover how our RiskReady Assessment can help evaluate your organization's compliance readiness and identify areas for improvement.

Sonia Platt, Education Sector

“We had an exceptionally large project that had been pushed to the back burner for over three years. Ashley and Lisa met with us to discuss our goals and understand our environment to redesign our employee handbook and to create an efficient performance management system that would ensure consistency. I cannot rave about them enough! From beginning to end, they kept us updated with regular communication and met all project milestones on time, if not earlier. They were able to produce results as if they've met every employee to capture our workplace 'vibe'. Highly recommend!"

Eddie Johnson, Home Improvement Industry

"I wasn't really familiar with everything that goes into being a compliant employer. My business was growing very quickly and that led to needing more employees. I had no idea of what needed to be done when it came to having more employees. They dug deep into everything I had that related to being an employer and was able to guide me on the laws. I knew I had to keep my guys safe, but had no idea about all of the safety requirements until they educated me. The HR Unlimited Consulting Team really knows their stuff! Will definitely work with them again if I need something."

Spencer Holland, Startup, Tech Industry

“Our venture has benefited greatly from Ashley's expertise. Her invaluable insights and guidance have transformed our HR practices, aligning perfectly with our dynamic needs. She's been a game-changer for us and her HR support is fueling our growth. A partnership we highly recommend!"

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