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Total Rewards

A strong total rewards package is a strategic tool for organizations to attract, motivate, and retain top talent, drive performance and productivity, and differentiate yourself from competitors. A properly structured total rewards package is designed around solid industry research and our clients' vision and future objectives. With our HR Total Rewards Package, our clients receive an annual market analysis review for two years, ensuring your offerings stay competitive. Our four-phase implementation process includes the assessment, design, execution, and evaluation of your new total rewards package.


Key features of our Total Rewards Package include, but is not limited to:

  • Total Rewards Survey

  • Assessment Report

  • Tangible & Intangible Plan Design 

  • Rewards Communication

  • Legal Compliance

  • Prepare Guidelines for Merit Increases

  • Administration of HRIS Total Rewards Statements 

  • Benefit Carrier Recommendations

Why a well-designed total rewards package is essential:

Reduce Turnover Costs: By retaining employees through a competitive rewards package, companies save on recruitment, training, and productivity costs associated with turnover.

Motivate Performance: Total rewards packages that include performance-based incentives and recognition programs motivate employees to achieve their best.

Increase Engagement: Comprehensive rewards, including recognition and development opportunities, enhance employee engagement and commitment to the organization's goals.

Align with Company Culture: Tailoring rewards to fit the organization's values and culture fosters a positive work environment and reinforces cultural norms.

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