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HR on Retainer is a service program that's like having an HR Specialist on call, providing guidance, advice, and solutions to your HR needs as they arise. This allows clients to tap into our knowledge and expertise without the cost of hiring someone in-house. 
Since a set number of hours are dedicated to our HR on Retainer clients, you receive guaranteed priority to ensure your HR needs are addressed in the most timely and efficient manner.

What is HR on Retainer?

How does HR on Retainer work?

Together, we set a monthly budget that is customized to fit the unique needs of your business and workforce. You'll have a dedicated consultant you can contact whenever you have HR-related questions, concerns, or require urgent HR support. HR on Retainer is designed to be flexible, so you can access the services you need, when you need them.

How is HR on Retainer different?

HR on Retainer is another way we are able to provide our clients with expert HR support and consultation. Instead of paying for individual projects or services, you have access to ongoing HR expertise for a fixed monthly fee. This provides peace of mind knowing you can reach out to our talented consultants and receive on-demand HR support.


Why does my business need HR on Retainer?

HR on Retainer offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time HR professional. With our retainer options, you benefit from access to a team of HR experts with diverse experience and knowledge, without the overhead costs associated with a full-time hire.

What are the benefits of HR on Retainer?

  • Access to a team of talented HR professionals for when unexpected and pressing HR issues arise.

  • Consistent and reliable support.

  • Cost predictability with a fixed monthly cost.

  • Familiarity between dedicated consultant and client.

How do I know how many HR on Retainer hours I need?

No worries! Determining the number of HR on Retainer hours depends on your specific business needs and the level of HR support required. Our team will work closely with you to assess your requirements and provide guidance on the appropriate number of hours that align with your business size and goals. Additionally, our HR on Retainer program is flexible, allowing you to increase the number of hours as your needs evolve. 

I used all of my HR on Retainer hours for the month. Can I add more?

Yes! We understand that business needs can vary and we are here to accommodate your needs. If you have utilized all of your monthly hours you can easily add more to ensure uninterrupted HR expertise. We will collaborate with you to understand your project's requirements and assess the additional support needed to ensure successful completion. Additional hours are available for select HR support and services at a discounted pay-per-hour rate.

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10 hours / month

Ideal for:
- Small employee group (10 or under)
- Fundamental support
- Modest monthly HR allocation


20 hours / month

Ideal for:
- HR infrastructure enhancement 
- Business growth
- Complex employee relations 

Premium +

30 hours / month

Ideal for:
- Employee size of 45 or under
- Full HR integration  
- Strategic HR planning 

Flexible options: Choose 1 of the 3 retainer options from above. Select agreement terms of 3 months, 6 months, or ongoing (discounted pricing). *Additional hours over 30 are available*


Cutting Ribbon

Linda Snyder, Entrepreneur

"HR on Retainer is a must as an owner of a startup!.....there when I needed her and she never showed any impatience, even though I had never-ending questions. This is a great option to offer!"

Business Consultation

Charlie Witter, Small Business Owner

"I know that anytime I have an unexpected HR issue arise, help is just a text or call away. It's like having an on-call HR genius."

Quiet Desk

Carrie Lopez, Manager

"There are just so many things to remember when it comes to what I can do as a manager and what I can't do.  It seems like there's always something new when it comes to employees. With HR on Retainer, I know I'm never alone."

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